Topeak Flashstand

Does anyone have one or has anyone used one? As I have now turned into a weight and appearance-freak with owning my new steed I'd like to be able to stand it but don't want to bolt on a kickstand. I saw the Topeak Flashstand Slim and thought it'd be ideal but it doesn't fit Tiagra cranks, just Dura Ace, Ultegra and 105. They do make an MTB alternativve, the Topeak Flashstand FAT, which looks fine but isn't quite as natty as the other model and the name puts me off (yes, I am incredibly vain, I make no apology!:smile:).
Does anyone know, before I sulkily order the MTB version, whether the Slim version will fit over Tiagra, or should I just stop whining and order the FAT version?
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