Topeak Prepstand PRO x 2

Loch side.
Now Sold!

I have two Topeak Prepstand PRO workstands for sale.

Topeak makes several models and our workshop preferred the PRO. The PRO has a built-in scale so that fussy cyclists can weigh their precious carbon bikes. Trust me, these scales have NEVER been used other than to weigh a chihuahua once, but that's best forgotten.

These stands are super sturdy, robust and made from surgical grade aircraft aluminium. That means the stands can be used for washing bikes and they won't rust. Don't spray water on the scale part though.

These stands are a couple of years old and have been in storage for the last five years. Hence, the latest model from Topeak is slightly different in that the tightening knob now has a pop-out lever. These don't. But otherwise, you can see them described here: Othewise, they seem to be exactly the same. It is a tried-and-tested design.

Don't compare these to Aldi stands. The quality and sturdiness is way different. Big way.

Both these stands still have their unused and nice fresh carry bags and one stand is fitted with the optional tool tray that looks like this.

There are some stickers on the stands which will come off easily without leaving gum or paper. These are vinyl stickers which probably protected the legs a little from scratches.

Both stands are in top condition.

They are heavy beasts and best sent via Hermes. I want GBP 100 for each. The first customer can have the one with the optional tool tray, but the price remains the same for each one. You carry the cost of carriage but I'll make sure to find a good price for you.

Topeak Prepstand PRO 1.jpg Topeak Prepstand PRO 2.jpg Topeak Prepstand PRO 3.jpg Topeak Prepstand PRO 4.jpg Topeak Prepstand PRO5.jpg

Note that the photo of the tool tray is a stock photo. I can't reach mine for now.
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Evening, would you do £180 for the two of them? I expect I can find someone else to buy the other one with me.

Failing that, how about £95 for one with the tool tray? Thanks :smile:
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