Torn calf muscle?


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I seem to have done my calf a mischief... Was a bit painful on Monday when I started walking to the shops but seemed to improve. It got much worse on Tuesday and has refused to settle down since, even with rest. Walking is not uncomfortable but standing quickly becomes unpleasant. Cycling is absolutely no trouble at all - until I stop: that's the foot I usually put down. Ouch! Has anyone experienced this? Any advice would be appreciated (and of more use than the quack GP whose stock answer is simply "rest and pills"!).


Nr Cambridge
Initially us a bag of frozen peas or ice block massaged into the painful area for about 10 minutes or as long as you can, maybe shorter or longer. Be careful not to cause skin blisters keeping it on contact for too long. Then more general massage at least twice a day. Best before you got to sleep at night, 15 minutes, and again when you wake up. Don't do any running or fast walking. It will take about 4-6 weeks to properly heal. During this time keep massaging it everyday. I had this happen twice. I too could hardly walk without a lot of pain and certainly couldn't run, but strangely could cycle although not at 100% performance. First time it happened I tried only resting it until I felt it had healed after 6 weeks, but this didn't work as when I started to run again, same thing happened again, ouch! Hobbling again in pain. Then I tried massaging which has made all the difference as now feel back to normal. Touchwood. Although I still do massage my calf muscles regularly which seems to keep injuries away.

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