Torque wrench set


Man or Moose!
Ice Toolz make one. Will need to buy the socket set separately though.
Very pleased with my "Norbar TruTorque™ TT20 ¼" with certificate of calibration. Proudly made in England." Bought via Amazon for £78. Cheap tools have their place, but for something as important as the correct torque, I don't want to trust a dodgy setting on my handlebars ... A cheaper one is available from Giant for about £55 (and is rebranded elsewhere as well), albeit without any certification - Bike Radar review


I have a big cheapie I use on my car and bigger stuff. I have compared the settings with other people's wrenches and it is near enough for the uses I put it to.
For my bike I have a shorter Britool that goes up to 40 ft pounds. I have a friend who has his own engineering works and he calibrated it for me so I am confident to use it on the bike.
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