Tour de France 2015 - Best Climber Trophy competition


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Hi All,

This is a request/plea for support for a competition I have entered.

As most/all of you will know, the Tour de France best climber (polka dot jersey) competition is sponsored by Carrefour supermarkets. As the competition has run for 40 years, Carrefour are running a competition to design a trophy reflecting that. There are 10 prizes of 50 euros each and so, as a fairly frequent traveller to France, I thought I would have a go at getting some free cheese and coffee. (There is also a first prize of 2500 euros but I assume that will be won by someone who knows what he is doing.)

The rules say that the trophy needed to be on the theme of the 40 years of the polka-dot jersey and to include the Carrefour logo. It was possible to see the entries so far and no one had picked up on the fairly obvious use of the Roman numerals for 40, XL. Even though the French pronounce is a little different, I reckoned that “XL ans” and “Excelence” were close enough for a French pun. That (plus the logo and polka dots, along with a road up a mountain) was the basis of my entry.

Having looked at the existing entries, I would say mine – possibly the only British one – is not the best, but is far from the worst. I then realised that the problem is that the final 10 are selected by a public internet vote. This probably means that most votes will be cast for a friend’s entry – including the more organised people canvassing for votes via facebook, etc. While this gives me the perfect excuse for not winning, I would prefer not to achieve “nul points” – especially as I consider my design to be brilliant – so I thought I would try to rally some votes for it.

If you click on the link below, it takes you to the page, where you can see my (aka Hotpot’s) masterpiece and click on the “Je vote”. (The voting bit is effective from tomorrow, 1st April.) You could also vote for one of the other 150 or so entries, but I’m hoping you won’t. I will be voting for me, of course.

Any votes you can put my way will be greatly appreciated.




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May the best entry win.


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The rules of the competition say participants must be residents of France. But hey, they let you submit an entry
Although I am a Brit, I do have a French address, as my time is split between there and in the UK. I hope/believe that is enough to meet the competition requirements.
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