Tour of Britain Prologue!!

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Steve Austin

The Marmalade Kid
Cavendish wins a time trial?
'parently so...

2.5k course, so debateable whether it's really a prologue, but
[Cavendish] said he was proud with his win but admitted he does not expect to keep the lead for long.
"Coming from a track background, it's not a complete shock to win a prologue," he said.

For some reason the ToB website also shows him as KoM - presumably that 2.5k included a bit of a hill...


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Sprinters have won prologues in the past. But well done to the young man, lets hope a stage win also comes his way this week. I'll be on Porlock Hill on Tuesday shouting for all the Brits!


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I was there today, it was pretty good.
shame it wasn't as well advertised as it could have been.

But, an ok turn out, great weather and very good organisation.
i was there too. small crowd, which was a shame.

the KoM was based on times up a short climb.

have to say, the organisation was a bit shabby. very rubbish PA that couldn't be heard if you were more than 50m from the start/finish area. it was a nice circuit and i walked around it, taking pictures, but i had no clue what was going on as there was no information anywhere, apart from the start and even that was what you heard... no screens with current standings, etc.

still, i did get 2 free hats.



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oh the hats!
E-On certainly had their marketing sorted!

yeah, it was a bit weird with the PA and main stuff only in one place, we took some pics up by the KOTM finish line and there was nothing there.

we were media though, had press passes. for the paddock, but unfortunately not for hospitality!

Was nice to see so many punters getting into the spirit of things


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Walton on Thames
Worked as a Marshall and have to agree organistaion was not so hot. Crowd seemed to enjoy it but not so large. I did not see any mention of the event on local TV or radio (BBC LDN) so maybe an oppertunity missed.


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thanks for marshalling, you probably let us through the crossing points a few times!
Not impressed - I have a day off tomorrow to see this. Early start and ride up to Southampton for a good view. Camera loaded and lots of memory cards.

Unfortunately I have just been called in as someone is off sick!

Even if I finish early, I can't get to the route in time.

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Good pics Laurence , shame about the lack of spectators. A win for Cavendish will make him happy so now we will have to see what the rest of the Brits can do throughout the race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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