Tour Of Britain - Swift Pro Cycling Using Mechanical Shifting.

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While watching the ToB highlights it seems that at least some of the Swift team are using mechanical shifting rather than electronic.

I also noticed that some riders in the women's Tour of Scotland were doing the same.

I can't workout if this is a personal choice or a budget issue, Swift have 14 riders ( so bikes for each of them plus a few spares ain't going to be cheap.

I would be surprised by either of the above reasons so can anyone think of a third reason?




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Preference of the mechanics might be a reason, but neither of the others would surprise me. We know cycling team budgets are often on a tightrope and they don't seem to have a drivetrain sponsor and some riders don't like things they can't check.


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Can also be preference of the riders e.g. Nibali used mechanical rather than electronic shifters for a couple of years despite the latter being provided foc by the team sponsors. IIRC, some switch to mechanical for Paris-Roubaix, presumably to avoid problems like batteries falling off, signal leads being detached etc
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