tour of britain


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It goes right past my living room window this year, I'm so happy. Didn't see it last year, but previous year I had to ride 10 miles and 3 years ago I had to ride 4 miles.

This time I don't even have to get out of bed!
Why is your bed in the living room? U OK hon?
It goes past where I work in Belmont, and the cycle shop (MK cycles) will hopefully be putting on a bbq and beers as they are for Bolton ironman, so it would be rude not to watch it there!
They're coming down a local hill which is in an appalling state at the moment. You have to claim the middle because the sides are fooked and you don't want to hit that at 30+mph. I'm looking forward to seeing all that fixed......and of course, the race...
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Here for the ride.
The Worcestershire stage is finally announced as an ITT starting and finishing in Pershore. :smile:

A bit brief, though. A complete lap of Bredon Hill would've been nice, but far too long for the race as a whole.


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Manchester final stage excellent, I can ride to Ashley/Mobberley and watch them pass.

Are they stating that the bridge over the M56 is the KOM :wacko:


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South Manchester
They come up Werneth Low near my house. The plan is MTB, up the sterp off road climb, then chill out at The Hare and Hounds pub. Watch race, ride home, then train into town to see finish in Manchester. There may be more beers involved.

Mrs F wants to come up the Low. Think is will be a sweary push up for her...


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Hmm... I have just noticed that there is a KOM at Grains Bar between Delph and Shaw on Stage 8. That is somewhere that I occasionally cycle to so if the weather is okay I'll ride up there and take a few photos of the peloton, then carry on to make a decent hilly loop of it.
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