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I did loads of research on tents...eventually decided a large porch / decent headroom and 2 person (even with just me) was worth the extra weight.

Went for a Vango tornado 200 at over 3kg. I like the headroom,the porch (massive- means that everything even when wet can go in there) I can close the flaps and cook in the porch, have a brew no problem (even sit in there).

However it is a lump and although luxurious I feel I can cope with smaller.

Your choice at 1.2 kg and a 5 minute pitch, decent hydrostatic head for £80 seems a bargain...

I would certainly give it a go..just for the weight / size ..not so much pitching time as you will have all evening to erect your tent (unless its pouring down)


I have this very same tent, only tried it out for size so far, lots of vents and enough room for me and my kit (i'm over 6ft) I have added some netting to the door flap so i can leave that open if needed.



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I've just bought a vango tempest 200+ retails at £110 u can buy it for £89 usually . I've not used it yet but my friend has one and recommended it fir waterproofing size weight etc . 2.65kg not the smallest pack size but very manageable .


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It is a single skin tent and I have yet to come across one that doesn't suffer from condensation unless used in warm climates or on the rare nights in the UK when the temperature is high enough to minimise condensation.

It is aimed at athletes and endurance walkers where they are willing to accept condensation as a trade off against weight. Sparkyman also pointed out a deficiency - you can't leave the door open and keep insects out unless you modify the tent.

The tent might not turn out to be the bargain that you want.

Have a look at the Vango Banshee. It is heavier but it was highly rated by two cyclists that I spent a week with in France.

As recently as last weekend my flysheet had condensation on it. Easily resolved by taking it off the tent and spinning it over to dry off in the sun before packing it.

You won't have that luxury with a single skinned tent.


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What Vernon said - Single skin is a compromise you, with a bike to carry it on, don't need to make. Although it says 2 person, in a single skin it becomes doubly important you don't touch the sides, I think that would be inevitable with two.
My choice at that sort of price point would be the Wild Country Sololite for 1 or Duolite for 2, Google for all the favorable reviews and best price.


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re: the Vango Force 10 Vapour 200 I was told by a polite salesman that as a technical tent these have problems with water ingress from the doorway when unzipped in wet weather. but sounds good buy at £80, am keen on the double-skinned coleman falcon x2 myself, only 1.5kg with side porch, available below for £90 with free postage, when sign up for their newsletter or pay 99.99 , see


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billflat12 said:
am keen on the double-skinned coleman falcon x2 myself, only 1.5kg with side porch

I've got a Falcon x2 it's 1.45kg in it's bag to be exact on my digital scales which makes a change - tents are usually heavier than their stated weight (Vango take note). Would you be interested in buying mine off me? It has only been pitched in the garden. I'm still not quite sure what to make of this tent - it's lightweight and spacious but I can't see it being suitable for my needs, i.e. wild camping (backpacking) in the Highlands in Spring & Autumn, I think it'd get hammered by the Scottish weather (wind) esp. exposed areas i.e. high up in the mountains and it seems too finicky to pitch for my liking. It might be more suitable for your use than mine? I don't suppose you'll be needing to pitch it up the side of a mountain in 60+mph gusting winds in the snow/rain/hail if it's for cycle touring? :thumbsup: My Vango Spirit 200 tunnel tent is good at standing up to Scottish weather at it's best/worst, just a bit big and heavy for backpacking solo.


I have a Vango Alpha 200. It is a 2 person tent and weighs in at 2.75kg. I have been cycle camping on 1 weekend with it. It's a nice size for 1 and has space in the porch to keep stuff. You can keep the inner tent door unzipped or with flysheet as it has separate porch door.
Certainly not the lightest out there but I'm happy with my choice, and it is easy to pitch.


I have had a first outing with my vango tempest 200 sleeps 2 at a squeeze . Panniers and cooking stuff all stored in the porch area nicely. Light weight at 2.5kg. Paid £65.00 off ebay. Good little tent.
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