town in USA ban bikes!

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Good grief.
Perhaps the right to bear arms should allow snipers to take out miscreant cyclists.


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Let 'em. And then let 'em all die of obesity and gambling addiction.

Brillant logic. Introduce a law that insists on a minimum passing distance, and then ban the thing you're 'protecting' because the minimum distance makes things difficult.

I'm torn between never wanting to visit such a godforsaken hole, and wanting to go and ride up and down main street all day - although I'd need donations for all the fines.


Ah got me a Gawd given RIGHT t' drive MAH Truck where Ah like ALL THE TIME an' **** up the planet fo' mah children. Lookit that oil spill they got in Florida, the sooner we can git all these fawsil fuels burned, the better this place gon'be!;)

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CTC highlighted this and I sent the town clerk an e-mail extoling the virtues of bikes and asking them to remove the ban.
Cycling to work I have to navigate a couple of neighbourhoods/villages that have cycling bans in place. Houston a big sprawling city made up of a bunch of older villages all of which have the right to create their weird set of laws, like no cycling on the street or no booze (yes they still have dry neighbourhoods). So for the main street I take to work for two sections I'm supposed to get off the road and use the pavement. I don't and have been stopped by the police twice so far. No tickets, just warnings each time.
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