Track Pump

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Mr Phoebus

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Wolvesandy said:
Can anyone recommend a good track pump?

On Monday, Lidl will be selling them for £2.99, I'm really happy with mine that I purchased 3 yrs ago. A few friends have still got theirs too.



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Colne, Lancs
If you don't manage to get the lidl one for £2.99, then the Edinburgh Cycle Coop one at 16.99 is a good buy. I've had mine for a few months, and am very happy with it.
In the interests of research, I bought a Lidl pump yesterday - as modelled by Mr Phoebus - and it looks the part for £2.99. Works well. Can't resist a bargain and now have 1 plus 3 assorted bargain backups...just in case!:blush:
This is easily the best deal - get one today.
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