Tragic News


A close friend of Lukesmum,( They met on a horsey forum a few years ago) found her 9 year old son hung in aswing at the family home last night. Paramedics tried for 50 mins to revive him, but couldn t. Really dont know what else to say......


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So sad for one so young R.I.P  :sad:


Thats horrid news, from experience there is a few things to avoid saying, but nothing to actually say. My advice would be to be there for her friend and the family, don't just offer your support and wait to be asked, help out and get involved.

I know it sounds stupid but also don't forget, what hurt us the most was a few months down the line we were still very much grieving yet everyone else had moved on with their lives, which is fine, although it hurt when some didn't take moments out of their life to mention it or show some support anymore, those that did have made a mark with us and will never be forgotten.

Once again, tragic news... so sorry for the family!


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God, so sorry to read this, that's really awful.

I hope that they have the support of people around them but these things take time and there is just no way to make sense of them.

Take it easy


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That's terrible to hear. Thoughts are with the family and friends. Having had my 20 month old break her collar bone a couple of weeks ago really made me think about how fragile kids are. Once they get past the really young baby stage you think that they're pretty robust. That's nothing compared to your friend's lad though, it's devastating to hear. Best wishes.


I can't imagine what they are going through. My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who has lost a child.


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I've typed about 20 things now, and none of them seem 'right'...
Nothing ever does.

Just listening can be the best thing, rather than trying to come up with something to say.

Dreadful thing to happen. Puts all the little irritations of life in perspective.


I m away from home at the moment and Ive just been reading your posts. The thing is.... the day to day people who you come into contact with , allthough I know them all well, its not the same as talking to you guys. Maybe its because I dont know you personally but, it seems easier in a situation such as this. I know we have our arguments and leg pulling etc. but when it comes to the real serious stuff you lot pull out all the stops.

Ive passed on the messages to Lukesmum, and Wigsie, I emailed her yours hope you dont mind. Special thank you to you from her. Invalueble advice.
She s at present E/mailing all of their friends the sad news. Most of them being members of their forum. They re probably a closer knit lot than us as they all meet up often. Just a little warning about the chat room. They have one and Lukesmums friend (the boys mother) is probably the most frequent visitor,and because she has obviously not been there the last 2 nights.Tounges have allready started wagging.

The above I suppose underlines forums at their best and shall I say below their best.

You Guys are the Best.
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