I am a distributor for a home catalog company and as i don't drive i need a trailer for deliveries.
Has anyone any suggestions.
It needs to big enough to carry thing like brushes mops etc also goingshopping
Cheapest way is a second hand kiddy trailer. Though have you encountered an Extracycle? it'll convert your existing hack into a load lugger.


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There are lots of trailers on ebay. I bought one a few months ago to take grand daughter about in.
There are also several plans on the "Instructables" web site if you want to make your own or even adapt one bought on ebay. This is one plan on there plus links to several others. Most are American designs but can be used as a starting point ;).
It's free to sign up to instructables. You don't have to become a Pro member.


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Brushes, mops!

I doubt you're going to find anything commercially available big enough to hold them. All you can do is to make some sort of stand to hold them upright in a trailer. Bolt an unbrella(sp) stand to the base of a trailer?
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