Trams/buses a plenty? (two/four seaters)?


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Just had a bit of an odd thought regarding a future tram network. One of the problems with public transport is having to wait for it.

Has anyone ever explored the possibility of trams that only have a couple of seats and are plenty?

It would have several benefits.

1) The frequency of the service would increase by a factor of seats in the original tram/bus.

2) The tram/bus could travel directly to its destination, instead of stopping at several unnecessary bus stops in between

3) The bus/tram with only a couple of seats would be a more personalized, private form of transport. Which by its nature would be more appealing to the car driver.

Possible problems? Do you kinda get an idea what I'm on about. Apologies I'm very tired today.


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There have been various sorts of schemes talked about in the 1960s, apparently there have been plans for monorails/cable cars in a similar way. None of them got built though. I often think it a pity.


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These things really are quite impressive.


Hey as this is a British company, it maybe has the potential to make a big contribution to our economic growth. It's exactly the sort of company the government keeps saying it's trying to encourage. A manufacturing green economy.


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jonesy said:
Do you mean something like this:

These things are potentially quite interesting as well:
We've been working on the approvals side of these beasts recently - they have got one working very successfully between Stourbridge Town and Stourbridge Junction - much better than the old single car train - accelerates faster, and is very reliable, apparently. Service is now doubled, IIRC from the old train.
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