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I am planning to get one of these stoves for both cycling but mainly (unfortuatetly:sad:) to keep in the car.

I am looking at the 27 and mini trangia. The one question which I have been unable to get an answer for is the difference, if any, in boiling time between the two. I know that the 'stove' part is the same for either, but the windshield and pan support is different and I really want to know if the larger sheild on the 27 causes that to boil quicker in which can I would get, otherwise the mini would do all I will need it to do.

Thanks for any help you can offer.


There is no noticable time difference, in fact I suspect the larger one may be quicker due to the very slightly larger pan area for the same volume of water.

However given the choice I'd buy the bigger one on the basis you can always half fill a pan if only cooking for yourself, but you can't double fill a pan if cooking for more than one


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This creates confusion. The Trangia 27 is the smaller of the two 'real' Trangia's. The mini Trangia 28 lacks the proper windshield that makes a Trangia so efficient. The advantage of the mini Trangia 28 is the lower price and its weight. The downside is that the pot is only 0.8 litres which is not that much, that the frying pan is smaller, and most importantly that any wind will make it a pretty hopeless stove. If you want a stove this small and light, a Clikstand is probably a better bet.
The Trangia 27 is a much better stove, but heavier and larger (and it has a second pot). Even though Trangia claim that it is a 1-2 person stove, I would not like to share it. If there are two of you, the larger Trangia 25 is your best bet. For both the Tragia 27 and the larger 25 my advise would be to get the ultralight version. Hard anodized is also nice to have, but rather more expensive. It is easier to clean, and is almost as non stick as the heavier Teflon coated version. For the cooking pots HA is more than enough, and even for a frying pan HA is quite good, and lighter than the Teflon version. If you want to save some money get the version where only the pots are hard anodized, and not the windscreen.
There is an interesting difference between Trangia 27 and Trangia 25 boiling times: the bigger Trangia 25 is some 20 % faster for the same amount of water. My gues is that it is because the pots have a larger diameter. Wide and low pots are best, even though most ultralight cooking pots are of the tall and narrow kind, which may be lighter, but wastes heavy fuel.
Anyway, I have a Trangia 27 HA UL for solo trips, and a Trangia 25 HA UL for trips with my wife. I love them I also have a Trangia Nova multifuel burner to use inside the Trangia 25, for use in very cold weather, and for larger quantities. Get the Trangia fuel bottle, and avoid aluminium bottles.


The Trangia 27 is small as previously mentioned and I just manage to cook for one on it and at times that can be a struggle, but I sorted the problem out by buying the Trangia Dixie for the 27 model and its big enough to store the whole Trangia 27 inside complete and big enough to cook for probably four. But you can pick up an ex Swedish army one off Ebay for about £4.95 or army surplus store if you just want to try one out before buying an expensive model. I have both and find no difference between them.

Plenty of info on boiling times on line for the Trangia's, but thats what I like about the Trangia, its laid back and slow usually, unlike my Primus multifuel.


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Did you test the relative speed of the 25 and the 27? I did, side by side, and with identical quantities of water. To my surprise the 27 was slower. In practice, cooking on the 25 is slower, of course, because you boil larger quantities. But with identical quantities, this is what I got.
If you want to be able to cook larger quantities, the 25 is much lighter than a 27 plus billy.
I make space for the 25, it means I can always have a good meal, touring is not about going without, it is about enjoying life. It amazes me that some people think cycle touring means they have to exist in a gulag like state while doing so.


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Just got back from a 10 day tour, using my Trangia 25 for the first time, and I was very impressed. Easy to stop anywhere and quickly brew up a cuppa, decent size frying pan for a good breakfast, highly recommended. Glad I went for the larger size too.
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