Trans pennine cycle route via standedge?


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Just wondering if there has been any plans/discussion/attempts to construct a traffic free cycle route across the pennines via Standedge utilising the currently disused 1871 Standedge 'down' tunnel.
There is the potential here to create a cycle route from east to west which would avoid steep climbing over the top of the pennines on often busy roads.
I suspect the cost would not be cheap, especially if fixed lighting was to be installed in the 3 miles, 57 yards (4803 m) long tunnel.
I belive the tunnel is still maintained and in good condition. The boating community managed to get the canal tunnel restored and reopened in 2001. A cycle route would be much more useful for general transport and commuting especially for those living one side of the pennines and working on the other.
The 1848 tunnel is currenty used to accomponey boats though the canal tunnel and as an emergency escape route for the canal tunnel and the currenty live 1894 rail tunnel.
Network rail are thinking about bringing the rail tunnels back into use for trains.

If the Trans Pennine Trail is anything to go by cycle routes tend not to be very well looked after. They appear to be a way of hitting government targets in the the short term.

I've ridded the TPT around South Yorks and it's overgrown, full of glass, beer cans and youths smoking weed.

Don't forget that boat owners pay a licence fee to British Waterways and that money goes back into the network. Cyclists pay nowt.
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