'Travel plans' planning permission


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Theoretical question
A company wants to move to new purpose built facilities. As part of this, planning permission is required. Part of the planning permission route involves having a travel plan and aiming to be 'greener' in the way people get to work. Amongst all the other measures, reducing single occupancy car journeys, increasing the use of public transport etc there's this 'encouraging cycling'....
Practically speaking. If a company pays lip service to this and fails to hit these targets - considering that by this time everythings been built and occupied for several months - is there any potential comeback?


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PP likley to be granted subject to conditions, if putting travel plan in place was one of the conditions then the Planners could take enforcement action but I'd say unlikley as encouraging cycling is so wooley...

At the very least I'd expect them to be providing sufficient cycle shelters and showers, cycle to work scheme woudl be bonus.
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