treating myself for my 50th

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So, as the title suggests, I have a big birthday coming up. Next June so plenty of time to mull over and research.

Current bike is a Giant Contend, aluminium endurance bike. Had it for 18 months and love it. Highlight of my time with her being a 3 day London - Paris ride. Only really been into cycling for 2 years but am now a total convert.

I'd like to spend up to 5k (hopefully my missus never reads this forum!) - on a really decent endurance bike, with a bit of zip. Lightweight (doesn't have to be carbon), some sexy deep rims, preferably integrated cockpit with no cables on show. Not fussed about electronic gears.

What shouldI I be considering?


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A trip to a high end bike shop to see what floats your boat?


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If i'm correct the Contend is the Ally version of the Defy?

If so, then sticking with Giant you have whichever Defy sits in that price bracket, I have an older Advanced Pro 3 which has 105 and I've got 50mm Carbon rims which suits me really well.

With your budget your probably looking at at least Ultegra possibly Ultegra Di2.

Bear in mind though Endurance bikes as standard don't generally come with Aero wheels as they're usually kept for the Aero version in the range.

I like the look of Trek's Domane, SLR6 I would guess for that money, or Spesh Roubaix gets good reviews.

Then there's the likes of Ribble, Canyon or Dolan as alternatives where you can spec the bike to suit your desires.

And then there's the good old Ti route which there are a thousand posts on here about, they always seem to be the 'go to' special treat bike.

Good luck and please post what catches your eye.
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