Trek parts and maintenance info. request


Wow! This is my first post and already I'm begging for advise.

I'm trying to help a fellow cyclist who has an older Trek 7200 Multitrack Alpha (TRT-0407 C55CK598) with front fork problems. The lower half of the shock absorbing fork has completely come off the bike. Last night we took a close look and it seems that, over the years, moisture has collected in the cylinders to cause some corrosion, seals have worn, and whatever type of locking device that keeps the lower fork attached to the upper fork has gone away.

I have searched the Trek website for parts diagrams and parts list with no success. I will continue to search.

Any instruction or advise would be greatly appreciated.

Loch side.
That for is now toast. Throw it away. Your friend neglected servicing the fork, the seals wore away, water entered and calcified. He ignored the grating feeling, the horrible ride, the oil leaking down the slider (the lower half of the fork) and thought all's well.
The stanchions will almost certainly be pitted, the bushings worn away by the calcium deposits and it will require more manual labour to restore than it will cost to get a new fork.

You don't say which fork the Trek has on, perhaps one of the older ones with a rubber concertina boot over the stanchions? If so, and if budget is an issue, get a rigid fork. It is almost just as uncomfortable as a messed up suspension fork. Almost, but not quite.

Don't shoot the messenger.


Thanks Yellow Saddle. Yes the tubes on the top fork are very pitted and the seals are all but gone. Also I think you are right about replacing with a solid fork. This young gal didn't know there was a shock absorbing fork on her bike so she probably rode this bike for years with no shock action at all. We have many potholes on our country roads after a cold winter and I'll bet she hit one and jarred everything loose until it fell apart. This young lady uses her bike as her only means of transportation so I'll help her get back on the road as soon as possible. Our nearest bike shop is about 35 miles away. I'll call to see if they have a replacement rigid fork.
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