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I would greatly appreciate any advice from the forum experts on the following:
I’m considering buying the Trek Soho bike belt driven 8 speed hub gear version. Leisure Lakes are making the 2009 model available at over £200 cheaper than the 2010 model (£595 as against £800) providing you enrol in their discount VIP club for a £30 membership. See link below.
I’m attracted by the low maintenance aspect of belt drive and hub gears especially having followed the debates on various threads regarding these aspects. Bike would be used for my 20 mile round trip commute to work and occasional light off road e.g canal towpaths. I’m currently riding a Specialised Globe City 5 derailleur 21 gears) which I’m very happy with but obviously does not have the advantages of belt drive and hub gears. I’m not bothered about changing from 24 gears to 8. I’m aware that Nexus are bringing out van 11 speed hub gear in September but I’m impatient and not prepared to wait plus could perhaps upgrade the Soho in future years.
I’d welcome your views on suitability for purpose, durability, longevity of frame and any other advantages/disadvantages I haven’t thought of.
Also what are the experts views on companies who claim to have 100% puncture proof tyres as per the link below:
I would consider fitting these to the Soho if these tyres are credible as it would mean even more maintenance/emergency free benefits?

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I'm no bike expert, howeve I’ve been riding a new Trek Soho 2010 for about 4 weeks and find it a great joy to ride, often get home, and feel like I should go around the block once more, although this may be a case of new bike syndrome. I tend to ride to work most days all year, and have done so for the last 3 years on what you might call a regular bike, either a hybrid or an MTB. Maintenance was never a big part of my weekly rides, I’m sure I’m not the only one, get to work, and you need to work, make it home and you want to have a sit down , and think I’ll clean that chain tomorrow, ….. as a result things tended to put off with the result of worn and buggered bike parts. So when I came across the Soho in the LBS about six months ago I was rather taken by it.

I’ve come across plenty of reviews for the bike, although most are from riders in the US, most seem to rate the bike quite well, with some issues with the quality of the brakes and odd hand grips, I must add the hand grips are great, the most comfortable I’ve come across, and the drum brakes seemed a bit soft at first but after 3 days of riding and a small tweak, have bedded in, and are better than my last bike, and hopefully will perform just as well in the wet.

I’ve had so far no issues with either the gears or the belt, on my daily rides into work, or on longer weekend rides around the Pennine foothills.

I was able to test ride the bike a few times, as my LBS had one in stock, so got a good feel for the bike, and was able to gauge what frame size I needed, I wish I had paid the price on the on shown in your link!

Hope that helps a bit,
simon .


I haven't ridden it, but I can only recall good reviews. Folks were worried about the durability of the belt, but I've heard no complaints now the bikes have been in circulation a while.


Many thanks for replies - much appreciated. That's convinced me - I'm getting one. Simon you are not very far from me I live in Littleborough, Lancs. They have a Soho on display in Mike Cookson's Whitefield near Bury but not at the Leisure Lakes price unfortunately.


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It's a nice bike, not light though... and just make sure you are comfortable with the brakes.

The belt is fine - the drivetrain (chainring, belt, sprocket) is made by Gates, who also make belts for industrial purposes. If the bike is put together right, it will be hassle free.

If you have any questions about the hub gear pm me or read the Afline vs. Derailleur thread (
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