Trialathon and Endurance Riding - New biker needing advice - please!


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Hey Guys,

Ok, so it may be a case of 'another newbie needs help', but I have read the Pinned 'My advice to newbies' by andyfromotley, so please read on and help if poss! :smile:

I used to ride out on my mountain bike a bit, and spent quite a bit on gadgets for it, (lights, computer, mini under saddle bag etc...) but then I got into running. However I have recently got quite bad shin splints and have been told by my doctor not to run till next year. So until then I thought I would take up riding again and look at doing some longer cycle rides and then triathalons in the spring.

I need a road bike (not sure if a ladies makes much difference) but don't want to spend too much. I am happy to go second hand, but am aware that there are risks involved - ie buckled wheels and unseen problems. My budget is probably £200 second hand £400 ish new. I am not worried about getting a top of the range bike as I am just getting back into it, but do want something that I find it easier to cover the miles in. I went out with my friend on her road bike the other day, the route was a little hilly, but all on road, and I struggled to keep up!
I went to the bike shop today but they wern't too helpful and were quite busy. I then went to halfords, they had a bike in price range (1/3 off carrera) but it had less gears than the bike I have now, and the people in there were less than helpful. Have also heard halfords has not got the best reputation.

I dont know whether to

  • put road tyres on my mountain bike and see if it helps
  • get a hybrid bike with horizontal handle bars (like I am used to and like what my friend was riding)
  • or get a proper road bike with drop handle bars so i can feel and look the part when cycling competitively, and get used to it more ( what I have been looking at & it may be better for trialathons?).
Just interested to know your opinions. I will continue to look around the shops and ebay, I did have a look in your 'for sale' section but I am not great on jargon and didnt see 'S/M road bike for sale' in any titles :blush:.

Hope you can help me!





TBH, Amigo, you are not going to get much for the money you mention.

Bikes costing £400 new tend to have very cheap components in order to keep the cost down so I would save a bit more if you want to go down this route.

An alternative is to get an old steel bike (anything made of 531 steel) for £50-100 and see if you like road bikes.

The main advantage of a road bike are the drops which can save quite a bit of energy especially into a headwind-but you will need to practice in order to get used to them. Road bikes tend to be lighter and the wheels /tyres roll a lot better but if you want to be competitive it means splashing quite a bit of cash -circa £1000 will get you a reasonable new bike or £600 second hand.

betty swollocks

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PM me. I'm in your part of the world.
I have a friend who's got a very decent bike for sale.
What height/inside leg are you?
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