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I'm thinking of selling my Trice Q trike, I believe it is the 2008 model as it doesn't have the noisey freewheel, but I did not buy it new so cannot be sure. It is however very low mileage, I have done about 500miles last year and the guy I bought it from said he'd hardly used it (and it looked absolutely spanking new so I believe him).

I'm selling it because I've started a new job and just am not finding the time to ride, I have only been out once this year and it seems a terrible waste having it sat not being used, but I can't foresee when I will get more time for it in the next couple of years so perhaps best to let it go :evil:

It is in good condition, has a few scratches here and there, underneath the frame where it might have grounded out going down a kerb, the little plastic lens thing that goes over the position indicator on the twist shift (not that you can read it where they are on the trike) came off on one side but doesn't affect the usage of the gears.

The extras over the base model are:
Quick release kit
Hard seat (I don't have the fabric style seat as well) with neck rest
Full mud guards with quick releases (also have the 'flinger' style rear guard)
Topeak Panoram cycling computer with wireless cadence/speed (the batteries in the sensors have run flat over winter)
Radical side pod bags
Larger big chainring, think it's a 60T but will have to check.
Extra mirror (one each side)



Looking for £1500, am in Enfield, North London
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