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Ok, I've thought about a Specialized Globe, I've given the Dawes Horizon a little bit of thought now I am thinking "Tricross"!;)

Opinions please from owners or past owners of this do-it-aller


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put mudguards and rack on mine to use as commutor/winter bike last year.Did its job well. W ould have prefered a triple chainset but mine is a compact 34/48. Fitted wider range cassette on as well. Ready for another winter now, but needed new headset & bottom bracket after last winter (approx 8000miles) which i was a little disapointed with. Overall happy enough but next time may look at ribble winter bike or similar as they seem a little lighter for mainly road use.
Bought one in June. Added SKS 'guards and originally a rack, however the handling wasn't too good with the rack so have reverted to a rucksack. Commute is 9-10 miles each way with hills, the bike is happy whether being pushed or just poodling.
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