Tried the commute route today!

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I've fancied cycling to work for a while, but the A272 uphill double bend is just too dangerous for me to do the whole run. I may be a wuss but I have seen the wrecked cars there!

However, having spotted a no-charge parking area in the village 4 miles from the works (not saying where as I don't want the council restricting it!) I loaded the bike into the car today and tried the route from works to parking space.

A very nice little ride in the country, some of it is even on a former BOAT now closed to 4-wheeled vehicles :tongue:

So I think I will become an occasional commuter, if it still counts if you only do it half-way.


Cycling in Scotland
Auld Reekie
Get a mountain bike and ride along the Downs :tongue:
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