Tried this commuting lark today.

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Timetable only makes it possible once a week, - so this morning was 35 miles there 2hrs 10 (Kinross to Dundee). The section from Newburgh to Wormit was stunning. Took 3 hrs into the wind coming home - needed a bakery stop for fuel (coffee and rhubarb slice).

Have to admit, I think I'd prefer to be able to get a lift back. Panniers on the fixed made for heavy going.

An enjoyable day, not going to get much (any) studying done tonight now -
going to go and buy a bottle of red for the Rugby instead :blush:


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that's certainly some commute there Michael.Don't think I'd want to go that far too often just to get to work.Definitly not on a fixed.Think you deserve that bottle of vino tonight, good effort mate:becool:

Johnny Thin

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Impressive effort - how hilly is that? I used to do Stourbridge to Banbury occasionally on 'bent, 55 miles, fastest was 3hrs 5, but that's reasonably flat until Stratford. Trouble is you leave home at 7am and get back at 11pm, I was working at home a lot at the time.
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