Trike axles

Dan B

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Does anyone know how trike axles work? Single-wheel drive, differential, or just lots of tyre scrubbing on bends? Are there standard-ish parts, or does each maker do their own thing?
<opens cans of worms>:angry:

We refurbish loads of trikes and even different age Pashleys have different size hubs/bearings etc.

Why do you ask?
On tadpole trikes the fronts employ ackermann compensation to make up for the inside wheel travelling through a tighter radius in the turning arc, it has nothing to do with axles.

Dan B

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Yeah, should've made it clear I was only talking about deltas

Why do I ask? We have a brox compact with a nadgered rear axle (a short length of it was hexagonal section but is beginning to round off, causing sprocket to slip under load). Either we have to find a workshop that can rebuild it as it was, or, if there is a maker of trikes that is still producing something else that does the same job, we rebuild it and adapt it to their design and so we have a source of spare parts for the next time it breaks.

But from what Hilldodger says that may not be as simple as I'd hoped.
We have three AVD quads and all of them have suffered from the same problem.

It's probably best to take the parts around to a local enginnering company and get them to fix it. I seem to remember that's what we did with our Brox, too.
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