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Discussion in 'Recumbents, Trikes and HPVs' started by Brumbear, 10 Aug 2012.

  1. Brumbear

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    Hi. I'm really vey keen obuilding a recumbent trike. I have the mechanical ability an also the welding skills. However I don't wan to go to the expense of hiring a decent mig or tig set or buyin a low amperage home mig rectifier. So I'm hoping to find a company that sells frames or someone who will jig one up and weld or braze it for me.

    All help received in the strictest confidence. :-)
  2. :welcome:Brumbear. I don't have a trike, or any other 'bent' for that matter, (can't afford one :sad:), but I suspect this could become a very expensive route you're choosing.

    FWIW, oldfatfool of this very parish is selling a cracking looking trike, see HERE.

    I know you may want the 'thrill' of building it yourself, but this could prove a better economic prospect :thumbsup:
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  3. byegad

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    NE England
  4. arallsopp

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    Came in to say what byegad said so going now byee.
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