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Hi there,

I am from Hamburg :hello:and just found this chat and looking for information /events with trike cyclists in the UK. I would like to cycle with my trike - preferably in the south of Uk. Are there any meet-ups or gatherings during July - September?

Greetings from Hamburg - Germany


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Are you here for the whole of July to September?

There are lots of group rides linked to CycleChat in the South East - probably at least one a month. There are often trikes on them (one or two or three) and more are always welcome!

We don't seem to have trike-only events in the South of England as there aren't so many trikers there. However there are a few of us who occasionally meet up on other group rides and you would be more than welcome to join us.

Do you know of any trike-specific stuff in Düsseldorf as I'm going to be there for the whole of July, leaving this Friday...
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