Tro Bro Leon Cyclo

Well, that was a splendid morning out.

Tro Bro Leon is a pro race famous for using farm tracks, Ribin,,and for the leading Breton rider winning a pig :mrpig:.

The day before, so today, there was a sportive, three distances 120 km, 70km the gravel ride with 20+ km of farm tracks and a 30km vintage ride. Mountain bikes can take part in the 70 and the 30. In total there were around 600 riders reported ti have taken part racross the three rides

All the rides take in some of the pro course and the gravel ride took in 5 or 6 sections, sorry I lost count:shy:

The course takes in some beautiful Breton countryside and runs along the coast for a while. On a beautiful sunny day it was a delight, on a wet and windy day it would be a very different sort of fun. The gravel is not too rough, far easier than some of the gravel sections of Anjou velo vintage and nothing close to as scary as some of the descents In Gaiole.

The one downside was the food, a single stop bananas oranges, eater and orange Juice, but then we’re were there to ride :bicycle:not to eat:hungry:. However, Everyone did get a drink and a sandwich at the end.

Since my “gravel bike” is my Lemond TSX, I went, in nearly full Z kit, causing much hilarity at the food stop where a Bunch of Riders wanted a photo with “Greg”. Double the laughter, when I put on the Factory Pilots and nearly went full Lemond:becool:.
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