Trophy trouble?

I logged in this morning to see I had 3 new alerts, all for trophies.

Apparently at just after midnight I made my first post and had been on the forum for a week. 2 hours later I had been awareded a trophy for getting trophies.

Looking at my trophy list I see a raft of them being given to me at 2 this morning.

I also appear to have amassed enough points to get a decent bike if we were given the cash equivelant.


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Likewise, I'm looking forward to getting all my trophies in the post - but none have arrived yet. I'm also wondering if I can exchange the points I receive for UCI ranking points...??
The USADA will probably strip us all of these trophies in the very near future, so make the most of them while you can, fellas.. ;)


Funnily enough you weren't meant to notice. :laugh:

I've been meaning to re-do the trophies for at least 8 months or so but kept putting it off because I didn't want to bombard you all with masses of alerts. I finally got around to it last night (because I was doing a larger update to the main software) and thought I'd commented-out the alert sending code but it seems a few managed to slip through. :blush:

Shaun :biggrin:


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I noticed the same thing (hard not to when you get the alerts....):whistle:

I hadn't ever noticed the points bit before - is it new or just been hiding?
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