Trout fishing in the Alps

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I'm going there skiing next week, and we're staying in Brides les Bains -the cheapo way of skiing Courchevel because you can catch the lift to Meribel and drop down into 1850. There's a pretty brisk stream/small river flowing through Brides, and last near I noticed that there were lots of notices telling people to put the small trout back (probably a waste of time in France) and it was clear that there was some decent fishing to be had, particularly in the riffles and glides.

The trout season started a week ago in France and a day ticket is 3 Euros from local shops, so I thought I'd have a go this year, not least because by going late, you've got the evenings. I'm taking a medium fly rod and a mixed box of flies tied by me to a pretty grotty standard (I'm sure French trout will eat anything) and plan to roll cast out and let nymphs bounce along the bottom.

Has anyone tried Alpine fishing? Is this a sensible strategy?

I'll probably see the locals using dynamite, battery acid and fine meshed nets.


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Dunno about the alps, but apparently you can go salmon fishing in the Yemen...


I'll probably see the locals using dynamite, battery acid and fine meshed nets.
Aren't you gettting confused with Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Aegean Sea, amongst other places? Anyway, no I haven't fished in the Alps, but we once had a most delicious trout in a restaurant in Courcheval.
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