Truvativ BB bearing naffed


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No, wrong type I think yours is the Isis drive (bad word now but they couldn't predict that)
Take it out and pop into your LBS (or take it in and get them to change it :whistle:)
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Help... bearings naffed. What do I need to replace with? Will this do it...?
To replace a BB you need to know a few things.

1) The type of interface i.e. ISIS, Octalink, proprietary or Square Taper.
2) The type of thread i.e. BSA or Italian. By the fact that you've given us the BB measurement of 68mm, it is a BSA. Italian would have been 70mm.
3) The length of the BB spindle. That you can only determine once the crank is off. It could be anywhere between 103mm and 128mm.

By the look of that crank of yours, I think it won't be square taper but the Truvativ/SRAM proprietart BB - Powerspline.


Powerspline is neither ISIS nor fowl but a species all of its own.

If it turns out to be square taper, replace it with a Shimano UN-52 or 54, the best of the best at ridiculously low cost.


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What a co-incidence. I just replaced my son's Truvativ Power Spline BB on Tuesday evening after taking it out on Sunday to see which one to order.
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