Trying to find a 1" Tandem fork...

Discussion in 'Tandem and Other Bikes' started by maxants, 13 Sep 2016.

  1. maxants

    maxants Member

    I'm trying to get a hold of a tandem fork for my cargo bike - I bent the last fork with my 90mm drum brake carrying 80kgs. I'm trying to get a tandem fork as I'm hoping it will survive the frequent heavy stops.

    The thing is, the steering tube on my current fork is 1", and I have 700c wheels.Finding a tandem fork that will fit my bike is proving to be pretty tough....

    Does anyone know of any forks I might be able to look for that could be used for my bike?
    Many thanks,
  2. steve50

    steve50 Disenchanted Member

    West Yorkshire
    There's a few for sale on ebay"+threaded+road+Tandem+fork&_sacat=0
  3. OP

    maxants Member

    Thanks, but none of those seem to be tandem forks. Only forks I have managed to on ebay find are the Schwinn tandem blade forks from the US ebay, but these are supposedly very week if they are twisted or hit side on. I suppose may have to settle for one.
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  4. the snail

    the snail Veteran

    Have you tried SJS?
  5. OP

    maxants Member

    Thanks, but yea. SJS have some lovely Thorn forks - but all in 1 1/8.
  6. 4cranks

    4cranks Member

    You could try any traditional frame builder who has a track record for building tandems. They should be able to make anything.

    Try Vernon Barker Cycles (probably cheapest and most obliging), Mercian or Bob Jackson.
  7. biggs682

    biggs682 Smile a mile bike provider

    @maxants give Lee Cooper a shout or e mail i am sure he could make some for you
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