Tube and Tyre Disposal

After my 5th puncture since the start of the year - 4 in the rear wheel, ALL in different parts of the tyre and tube - I have decided that at least my rear tyre needs changed and I'm letting some of my repaired tubes retire from service too. (now I'm going to have to spend longer saving up for the slicks :tongue:).

Is there a cuddly, friendly, ecologically sound way to re-use, recycle or dispose of these bits and pieces?


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other than taking them to the local recycle centre, not really.


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Bromley, Kent
you can turn old tubes into stretch bands, give it a go and build some muscle


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Old tubes are great for making elastic bands out of, but I suggest you paint them green so as not to offend anyone.
Nothing has inspired me yet - the sandals would be way too narrow.

I am toying with the idea of using the inner tubes to make fetish wear for hamsters...

...possibly selling them under the brand name "Richard Gear." Anyone got the phone number of Dragons' Den?


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I'm a bit of a cheapskate and I have been known to reuse tyres that I've previously discarded as being dodgy. I now cut them up as soon as I remove them to take away the temptation. If you decide to cut up your old worn tyre before fitting your new tyre, make sure that you don't get distracted by the phone ringing! I came this close --> <-- to cutting up my new Krylion today :smile:!!!


Cut them into small strip-size pieces and coat them in toothpaste.
Hey presto, instant wriggley's chewing gum. Tastes great.
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