Tune up and new chain, and new chain broke after about a dozen rides


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I'm new to cycling and wanted to check in on something. I took my bike to the local bike shop at the end of February. Replaced the chain while they were at it. About two months later, I was at a 100 mile ride and about 20 miles in, the new chain breaks. Probably about 12 rides on the new chain. Brought it back in today and was told the rear hub seemed loose. Any ideas? Could this be related to me using a new bike rake to transport it?
Thanks for any thoughts.


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Hi, you might be better posting this in Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs. And separating it into two questions, one about the chain and the other about the hub.
Imho the chain should nor be failing, especially after 12 rides. What has the rear hub got to do with a busted chain…? LBS should be rectifying the chain issue, assuming this is the full story, of course.


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Imho the chain should nor be failing, especially after 12 rides.


A friend of mine had the chain snap on only her second or third ride. She is tiny and was cycling slowly on the flat at the time so she wasn't putting a lot of strain on it or even changing gear at the time.

I thought it most likely that it hadn't been joined together properly, but it is always possible that a duff chain got past quality control at the factory.

I didn't really take a good look at it. I just repaired it ASAP so we could get on our way.
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