Tuor of Pembrokeshire

Smokin Joe

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I've entered it.

It is going to be a real leg-breaker, particularly the section from Rosebush to Goodwick. The serious climbs are on that bit including a particularly nasty 1-in-4.

Should be fun :smile:
I, or rather my mates, (cough, ahem...), decided that discretion etc. etc. that the "short" route would be best, as we're going to be doing the Dragon the following week.

So say hello when you see us, 515mm and myself will be looking out for fellow C.C.ers.

Smokin Joe

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I'll have to confess that I have also only entered the 64 mile event. My excuse is that I haven't ridden any type of organised ride for about 13 years and two years into a comeback I don't know how I will go in company with other riders.

We'll have to see if us CCers can meet up at the start, even if we don't actually do the route together due to differing abilities. The tough bit I mentioned in my last post doesn't feature in the shorter event, though I've done it many times it will be a real challenge as part of a 116 mile trek.


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Oh you big bunch of wusses....just do the long route and be hard as nails (if unable to walk the next day :biggrin:)

I've signed up now, along with my Mr Wobbly mate who whilst being uber fit has he cycling abilities of a new born calf and even after three years of comuting still rides on flats, still has scuff marks on his shins and fequently turns up at my house having face planted the back of a van because he wasn't paying attention to the traffic....he's also called me to ask how to fix a puncture...more than once.

So how ever hard you think the long route is going to be...I've got it harder lol.

Anyhooo... I would assume that because it's a sportive and secretly a race you would be able to ride up the 1:4 section as opposed to having to walk up it as you do with Ditchling Beacon due to the walkers. I hate that hill. Seven years I've done that route, for six I rode the hill top to bottom, last year a woman just stopped dead infront of me and I with all the grace of a sack of shoot with no where to go Ifell sideways in to a bank of nettles ;).
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