Turbo trainer Tyre compatibility on pinnacle arkose bike


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I have a Pinnacle Arkose D1 2019 bike. Wheels are listed as WTB ST i21 TCS 700c 32 hole, pinned, tubeless ready and has WTB Riddler Comp 700 x 45c Tan Sidewall tyres.

I am hoping to use it with a turbo trainer and so am looking to get training tyres to fit.... I cant seem to find any tyres of the same spec online?

Will 32c 700c tyres fit? I found some this size on wiggle...any other advice of which tyres may fit?

Thanks for your help!


It will be OK.
32 is about as narrow as you'd want to fit on a 21 mm rim. 28 would be usable, but not ideal.
Tyres that are too narrow for the rim don't give a good ride, but that doesn't matter on a turbo, and turbo training tyres shouldn't be used on the road as they have very poor grip.

However, I'd recommend getting a cheap wheel specifically for the turbo.
This would save the hassle changing tyres every time you use the turbo (and you could even try tubeless), and it could have a narrower rim that would give a wider choice of tyre (Decathlon & Halfords have 23-25 mm turbo tyres at £14-£15).
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