I've been following Chris Boardman's twitter feed. He's the de facto UK Cycling Czar, plausible, informed, soft spoken, persuasive. I only wish Nicole Cooke would enter the lists; recall being blown away listening to her being interviewed about the contribution cycling has to offer as a mode of personal transport, beyond the team buses and doping controls and tunnel vision of competitive cycling. So I've created a twitter account, minded to big up Chris at every opportunity but can't work out how to tweet!
For example, here's a post linked to on CB's twitter feed and I want to wade in as thousands of people have already done, but I can't see how..


Please help me traverse the digital divide.


To reply to a tweet in the thread, just click on the little speech bubble below the tweet and to the left. Pick the original tweet if you want to reply to @thomasthetaxi, or whichever tweet you want to reply to.

As an aside, that thread is gold - it's got all the elements: irate cabbies, unintended consequences (he was trying to say the photos show a bad thing), rowing back and pretending it was a joke, a helmet debate, accusations of racism, actual racism - it's all in there ^_^
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