Twisted spokes.


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Bandhagen Sweden
I can't see any advantage at all just the disadvantage of when one of the spoke breakes it must be a fiddle to get the old one out and a new one through the spokeholes in the hub and then treading them. It may be a way of going round the problem of having to long spokes but I rather buy shorter spokes. With "regular" spokes there is no problem if one spoke breaks but here you loose two if one breaks. I think it's just a fashion-thing, not pratical at all.

Hugh Manatee

That used to be popular with mountain bikers back in the early 90s. We called them snowflake wheels back then. There is no advantage to them, in fact they made a slightly weaker wheel.

It was a purely visual thing. Like, radical gnarly, dude!


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Style if I remember is all it was about. I have seen quite a few, but there again I have been around a long time.
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