Two down, Half way through the fist day of the year

They found the hit-and-runner's car.


I got a lift in today rather than risk running the gauntlett of pished-up and next morning hungover maniacs. Back on the bike tomoz.


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There is a say 50% more cars than 30 years ago, but not 30% more space.

It is indeed a very poor start to 2015 for the cycling community. It will hopefully not fuel up the get cyclist off the road idiots.


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Re the one in Nutley:

"He [the 79-year-old cyclist] collided with a Renault Megane travelling south as he was heading north outside Nutley service station."

Once again I take issue with the use of the phrase "collided with". Whatever anyone seems to think, it sounds like it's the cyclist's fault, it is NOT a neutral word unless used with the passive voice, eg "the collision between the Renault Megane, travelling south, and the cyclist, heading north, occurred outside Nutley service station."

I'm not saying it wasn't the cyclist's fault, but the police obviously haven't determined what happened officially yet and this is prejudiced language.

My daughter lives in Nutley, it's 30mph there.
RIP an awful start to the year.

Looking at the photo of the A3. It is not a road I would like to ride on.
It takes some concentration and nerve. I've ridden that section quite a few times, it's not for the faint hearted.

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Sometimes the riders bring it on themselves (of course)

It may be that cyclists just like any other road users make a mistake from time to time. Let's not forget though that a mistake by a car driver can and far too often does cost a riders life....

A mistake by a cyclist will at worst inconvenience other road users.

Little difference their as I see it

I too have cycled well over 30 years


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, Surrey hills
This section of the A3 is a race track, it has become notorious for cars who congregate to roar through the tunnel with engines at max rev's in lower gears to see how much exhaust noise they can create using the acoustic effect of the tunnel construction, they even wind down all the car windows and open doors to max the experience. Police are aware but ineffective in responding . Perhaps this tragedy will be a catalyst.
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