two storey movable Trike Rack

Hi folks

In an effort to grab back a few square feet of space we welded up the trike rack today , with 2 braked casters and built from 1" square its complete and works , the trikes can be loaded side or front and I have 3 " clearance between the top of the top trike and the garage door .
On its 4" casters it moves well in and out of the garage. so I can use the floor of the garage again and the rack being on casters moves and maneuvers more easily than a pair of tadpoles .


Once it has been used for a few weeks I will paint it and fit the plastic plugs to the ends of the tubing .

regards emma

young Ed

looks a goodun' to me! how do you get the top one up there? just man handle it and lift it up?
Cheers Ed
Hi Ed

Yes its a case of the bottom trike feeds through from the front or loads through the side and the top trike is easier lifted up from the side .
At 75lb ( 68lb less lithium battery ) in weight they are not the lightest e-trikes but its not too difficult .
At one time we were going to fit a couple of lifters and lead in ramps but when we need both trikes then there is two of us and so its not a problem , most of the time the red trike lives in the boot of the car .
The top bunk is at the right height to use as a work bench and we are going to make a front axle " jack " and a rear wheel lifter so we can service the trikes without crawling over the floor .
It means we can house 3 trikes in the space of 2 . with plans imminent I need to get rid of a couple of trikes and a few bikes .

regards emma
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Hi Folks

Just ordered the end plugs for the tubing from ebay .

I will leave the two front tubes unplugged as the flag poles fit nicely down the tube and keeps them safe and tidy .

Next part of the project is the front wheel lifters so we can service the front brakes / wheels on the rack

Painting can wait until the weather gets warmer

regards emma

Tacked up the wheel lifters to service the front and rear wheels , Will also try them out a few times before I finish the welding and paint them this means I can check the gear train with the rear wheel lifted off the rack , just as a safety precaution l will toe strap the trike to the rack . These fit both top and bottom "bunk " but I Think servicing will be easier for my back on the top bunk . The jacks can also be used on the floor as freestanding lifters

regards emma
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Hi Folks

The front jack has been modified after just 3 days , I have cut and shortened the arm and fitted a 20mm sliding " T " top this allows me to adjust the height in 1/2" stages .


Once perfected I will make a "nice one " When not in use it sits on the end of the rack.

regards emma
Looks awesome. Well done. I could do with something like this (except that it'd encourage me to buy trikes).

The problem for me was and still is too many trikes and not enough room ,even down to storing one in the back of the estate car ( still there )
I could do with another couple of racks .

regards emma
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