Twohat in van ....


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On a flippin's sunday too ....

I was out for a gentle ride with XmrsIS (I'm gently introducing her to regular cycling!), on a sunny, lazy Sunday afternoon, everyone was cheery, the motorists were all pleasant, not in a rushm empty roads so they were happy to give us a wide pass ....


... all except for one @rseh*le in a van!!!!! I was coming up to a pinch, point, I could hear something approaching from behind, so I did a shoulder check - van a long way behind, but approaching rapidly, so I moved in to primary when he was still a long way off. I entered the pinchpoint (just a few metres long - it took me perhaps two seconds to go through it) and the next thing I knew was he was squeezed in beside me, engine revving, but couldn't get past because my handlebars were in the way ... (he was actually that close). Naturally, I didn't want to die, so I moved over to the kerb, and he floored it past me, while shouting something about f***ing cyclists through the passenger window. I shouted "w**ker" at him, but I don't think he heard.

Would it have been so difficult for him to wait for two seconds, on an empty, semi-rural road, in the middle of a lovely, sunny, enjoyable sunday afternoon, when there were a lot of f***ing cyclists around? (aka. families out enjoying the sunshine on their bikes!).



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Six of us pootling along a country lane yesterday, two abreast on our side of the white line, enjoying life. Car comes the opposite direction - plenty of room to pass on his side of the road, slows pulls down window and screams "get out of the way". So his stupidity lost him some (valuable?) time ...

Ah! Yes, silly me! I forgot that van drivers have right of way over everyone and that everyone should always get out of their way at all times! It's written in the Highway Code, I think!

I do tend to as I don't particularly want an argument with an idiot and a few tons of metal .:blink:
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