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Noticed the other night that my rear tyre is getting a little, er, thin and am now in the market for an upgrade. Can't complain really as I've had about a year and a half and about 3k miles out of them.

The bike came with Vittoria Zaffiros, and from what I can glean from magazines etc Vittoria or Schwalbe seem to be the way to go (unless there are any other opinions!). Now, I currently do around 70-100 miles a week, mainly at the weekends (i.e., not commuting) and my understanding is that this is probably a bit much for more race-like tyres such as Ultremo ZXs or Open Corsas.

Is that right? Will they just get ripped to shreds in a few months? I'm doing a 100 mile sportive at the end of August too, so p*ture protection is pretty important.

Also, is there actually much to gain from spending a few more pennies on e.g., Duranos or Rubino Pros as compared to more standard stock tyres like I've got at the mo?

For ref on appropriate spec levels etc, this is my bike & I've upgraded the wheelset to Campag Zondas this year.

Cheers muchly!


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Nice tyres are probably one of the most money efficient upgrades you can make.

Choices are endless. For cheap general use tyres I use Schwalbe Lugano, they are ok.


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I have used the Rubino 3's for a few years now.
Latest pair on my Spesh have done over 3000 miles with only 2 punctures. One of those when I hit a pot hole. So very good going.
Ribble are selling them at £10.31 a tyre at the moment, which IMO is a cracking bargain.
I like Schwalbe tyres, but IME they cut up pretty badly, (Durano S, Durano+), and I can't afford to keep replacing them.

For a faster tyre I really like Conti GP4000s, but again they cut up, all 'race' tyres will as they tend to be a softer compund.

I've just stuck some Gatorskin Hardshells on my CAAD, maybe not the obvious choice for that kind of bike, but puncture protection is very high on my list of priorities.


+1 to the Rubino (or Pro). Not really expensive. And you'll notice the difference from the Zaffiro's.


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Michelin Pro4 Endurance
Based on experience with predecessor (Krylion) in Michelin's range: Hard wearing, reasonably p*-proof, adequate grip wet & dry (improved over Krylion they say), not quite as fast as the Pro4 Race /Service Course but unless you have ginger sidies you probably won't notice the difference.
Expensive? - yes, but they'll last maybe twice as long as some tyres mentioned above. Worth it? - for a full carbon bike with 11 spd Athena? - I'd say so.

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I like Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp folding tyres. Never had a puncture, roll really well and look great in red on my bike.


Parker international are doing krylions for 22 each, i like them!
Yeah I got some Krylions for just over £20 each from Shiny Bikes last week (if you don't mind black with the grey stripes). Stuck them on the commuter and they've seemed fine so far, bought based on advice from here and excellent reviews online, but a little early to give a complete opinion yet. At £20 I thought it was worth a punt.


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Unless you're racing my default is always Schwable Durano+ tyres. They certainly aren't the cheapest tyres about but I tend to find they last about 8k miles with stellar puncture protection & I'm only losing about 10w at 30mph vs the best clinchers out there. They also absorbe a bit more road buzz than other tyres.
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