Tyre Sealants



I've been having a number of puncture recently on my back wheel. I have a MTB and have bought a new tyre and pump to the correct pressure, but in the last week I've had 3 punctures (which as you can probably believe is very frustrating ). My question is are these worth investing in so as too :
a) fix the inner tube
b) prevent more punctures.
Thanks in advance.

Paul J

I use slime on my all my bikes and have no problems. Some people swear by it others hate it. My kids and I love it!! :bravo:


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Belcamp, MD
I live in a desert area of Texas that is very thorny (goathead thorns) and I've got Slime combined with tube liners that go between the tire and tube. The combination works great for my application. Only sidewall punctures make it through. The tube liners aren't very expensive and are still easy to manage when changing or repairing tubes.
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