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I'm currently riding on Michelin 32's and have so far covered 1300 training miles puncture free (touch wood). I've been wondering if I should reduce the size of the tyres for the 9 day JOGLE attemp in early Sept? Should I be using a smaller tyre or are 32's ok? Oh, I'm riding a Specialized Sirrus hybrid.
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Are you planning to carry all your own gear? If yes, then your current tyres should be find. Some people prefer narrower tyres as they offer lower rolling resistance (theoretically) but the down side is that you have to keep them pumped up far harder to avoid pinch flats, this is fine for racing, but not idea for touring (or long distance racing with luggage). Put it this way Mark Beaumont broke the world record for cycling around the world, using Schwalbe Marathon Racer (700x35) tyres, and he was averaging over 100 miles a day.


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Thanks for that, it has put my mind at ease, think I'll plough on with the 32's, cheers

I did it in fully loaded on continental sport contact 32's. Used the same tyres for training and the ride, which took me 11 days and not a single puncture. I used to tour on much narrower tyres, but would not go back to them after this experience, As well as reducing the chance of punctures you get a much more comfortable ride on wider tyres. Some of the roads can be a bit rough as well. The cycle path that shadows the M74 springs to mind. fantastic as there is no traffic at all, but the surface is as rough as old boots. I'd stick with what you have got.


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I have 700x35s on mine for my planned JOGLE in September.

1100 miles so far on Continental Country Ride tyres with no puncture (my only 1 flat was due to a broken valve).

Just fitted Marathon Supremes. First impressions are very good, but need to get somes miles on them to really put them to the test.


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The wider the better, for comfort and speed on real roads. 32 mm is really the very minimum, and I would much rather have quite a bit more. Panaracer Pasela TG in etrto 622 go up to to 37 mm - fit the widest your frame will take.
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