Tyre upgrade for Carrera Zelos Tourney 2020


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Ive orderd a Carreara Zelos Tourney to replace my old vintage Claude Butler road bike, it wasnt my prefence but due to the circumstances all the other bikes within my budget of £450 were out of stock.

I'm interested in upgrading the stock tires on the carrera (Kenda K10K18) as I doubt they will be suitable for my commute to work as the roads are very broken up and uneven and I regularly encounter shards of glass and other sharp objects which constantly punctured the back tyre on my previous bike.

I have a budget of around £45 per tire and have seen the following listed below, but I have little knowledge about cycling products and require some help with which product from the list, in any to purchase.

Schwalbe Marathon Plus Reflex Tyre 700x25c (Halfords - £26)

Continental GatorSkin 700c Folding Road Bike Tyre 25 (Cycle Republic - £30)

Schwalbe Durano Plus Folding Bike Tyre 700 x 25c (CR - £40.00)

Continental Grand Prix 4 Season Folding Road Tyre - 700c (Merlin Cycles - £35.99)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Thank you


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From that list either the Durano or Grand Prix 4 Season. Either are decent tyres.

Gatorskins have a reputation for being a bit slippy in the wet, Marathon's are difficult to fit and slow.


Don't be too hasty in swapping your tyres. If your route has shards of glass and other sharp objects, many tyres are going to fail. Best to consider other routes and be observant when riding. Avoid dips in the road, as that is where objects are washed into when it rains.

The Kenda's are reasonable tyres - I would wait until they start failing (if they do), then look for different ones.


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I have run gators and found them overated and as said slippery in the wet , i have also ran rubinos and zaffiro pros .
My commute has a similar debris strewn cycle path and of the 3 i found the zaffiros the best overall for a combination of protection, grip and speed.
For small punctures you could also combine tyres with tubes with slime inner tubes
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