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My first question might sound stupid to the more knowledgeable of you, but I'm new to this. My bike - a Ridgeback Horizon - came with 700 x 25c tyres. If I wanted to change to 700 x 23c does this mean I will also have to buy new wheels, or should both tyres fit the wheel?

My second question is, I was recommended Panaracer extreme tyres, what do people think of these/what are your experiences of them? I don't race, but I like to ride 100-150 miles a week and will soon start riding with a club, so I'd like to pick up my speed a bit. However, I'd also like some durability as I don't have the money to be continually buying new tubes!

If anyone has any good recommendations for any other tyres I'd be grateful, the main thing being that I'd like to change to 700 x 23.
No you wont have to buy new wheels, this Sheldon Brown link will hopefully explain (The chart near the bottom is simplest IMO).

Sorry I've no experience of Panaracers my self so I can't help there.

I like continental tyres, but thats just my preference. I currently run 23mm Conti Grand Prix 4000s and 23mm Conti 4 Seasons.


Same here with the Panaracers - I'd also have a look at the Michelin Pro 3's which are hard wearing,reasonably puncture resistant,don't cut that easily and roll pretty well.
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