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I have recently bought a Spesh Secteur Elite and I am very happy with it. I have only covered around 50 miles so far so my question maybe a little premature, but I am intrerested in what you think. It comes with Specialized All Condition Pro II, 700x25c, Kevlar bead, 120TPI, w/ Flak Jacket protection tyres as standard. Do you think an upgrade in tyre would make all that much difference to performance to be worth the expense and if so what would you all recommend? Many thanks


Tyres can improve performance a bit - lighter and less rolling resistant tyres anyway. Have a look at the Michelin Pro Race etc.

The pressure you pump them up to is important -but you may run into comfort issues at high pressures.

Ideally you also need a lightweight tube such as Michelin Air Comp Ultra Lite's.


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Tyres upgrades can make a huge difference if you have cheapos to start with - I don't know anything about the ones you have but my guess is that they are nothing special.

Michelin Pro 3 Race are my favourite and can be found for £50 a pair if you shop about on the web.


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I just changed from the All Condition tyres (60TPI model not 120TPI like you have) on my Secteur Sport as they had worn out after 1,800 miles - I was getting punctures every 15 miles in the end. I have gone for the Continental Ultra Gatorskins 700x25c. These are still quite cheap tyres but ride very differently, I feel much less confident in the corners. I have put 200 miles on the new tyres and they are much less grippy than the All Conditions I had originally. I have heard you need to run bike tyres in so they scuff up a bit but I would have expected them to be OK now.

I will see how the Gatorskins go but would be tempted to spend a bit more next time around and save up for some Pro Race 3's - they may be more puncture prone but feeling the front wheel slip in the corners is not a nice feeling...


people love or hate gators, those that hate them thik they cut up and are dodgy cornering the wet


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I binned the All Condition off mine after a week!! 4 flats in less then 150 miles,Conti 4 seasons worked well for 1500ish miles then started flatting so went with Durano+,might not be suitable for you as you're after a light/fast tyre.

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Pro Race 3s are fantastic IMO,
Very fast rolling, hugely grippy in wet and dry, handle well and are comfortable. P*ncture resistance has been very good.
The downsides?
Well they wear quicker as a result of their softer grippy compound and they're pricey... but they're worth every penny!B)


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michellin krylions carbons!!

If you don't fancy going all out for racing specific pro races then this is the one. they are light and roll very easily but they are more hard wearing and you will get loads of millage out of them, and puncture resistant too. I've never used pro races but they are the next best thing from what I've rathered reading the reviews. cheapest I can find them is £20 each on CRC.

I have a set of these on my bike currently and think they are brilliant!


I went for Vittoria Rubino Pro's. Very nice lightweight tyre with p*******e protection as a replacement for the heavy rigid things my bike came with as standard.
£35 a pair at Highonbikes at the mo.
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