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my question is do beaded tyres respond well to being posted/couriered i want to buy some maraton pluses and am wondering what state they will turn up in and if there is anything special i need to do before fitting i must add these will be 20" tyres
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Who are you getting them from ? The only wired tyres I've had in the post were from Wiggle and never had a problem, I assume Pro bikekit and chainreaction are similar. The tyres hold their shape fine and are dispatched in a large enough bag. I've never had to do anything special other than fitting them.


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The first time I ordered a tyre (wired - along with some other stuff) online from Chain Reaction I thought that, based on the size of the box that arrived, the tyre had been missed out. The tyre was twisted and taped into a pretty compact package. No problem at all fitting it, its been on for months and is fine.


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I got some landcruisers from e-bay supplier. They came twisted and taped up. There was a little kinking in the banding but it twisted back into shape no probs.
I remeber buying tyres from a LBS years ago and they twisted them and taped them up to make it easier for me to get them home on the bus. Never had any problems with them either.
Wiggle sent a pair of Marathon's in a large full size box so no problem ordering from them.

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Just received two 26x1.5 specialized nimbus armadillos from Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op, they arrived in what looked like a massive pizza box with tons of bubble wrap so no need to bend at all.Very impressive.


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They won't twist up 20" wired tyres. No problems at all with the ones I've had posted.


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I've had M+ posted from Bike Plus. Twisted, taped and posted in a thick paper bag, cut the tape and boing - two perfect PITA-to-fit tyres.

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