UCI changes rules for world rankings

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... and (as I have said on here before) it is a small disgrace that with their amount of wins in 2014, they only were the 4th ranked team on the UCI ranking. I like my GTs, but do they really need to have such a big impact in the ranking? (or even why smaller tours like the Tour Down Under and the Beijing Tour are worth so much points)
Do the UCI have somebody following this forum?? (If so I should really start to pay more attention to the choice of words I use for them ;))

Quite sure that the 1-day race specialists still won't have a better chance in winning the overall with this new point system (see page 10), but at least the UCI is open to see if changing things might help


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That's much better. I also like the fact that they have made the World Tour slightly less separate from everything else, so it is at least possible to compare riders' points between different World, Continental and other competitions (I think that's the intention).


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I don't understand why the UCI continues to try to be so secretive about almost everything. Doping reports on hidden PDFs, announcements of rule-changes released after the year has already started and with no consultation. Why don't they just do things sensibly and tranparently?
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